In Zeeland you eat mussels, in Gouda it’s cheese, fresh fish tastes best at the coast and Gelderland is the place to be for game. But the Netherlands is also known for its fresh and very high-quality regional products – often earning international acclaim – as well as numerous fine restaurants and top chefs. The products form the basic ingredients, and the inspirational and creative chefs turn them into healthy and delicious meals. Discover good, honest food and get to know the local products sourced in the Other Holland.

Regional produce

Arnhemse Meisjes

'Arnhemse Meisjes’ are crunchy oval biscuits made from yeast dough with a generous sprinkling of sugar. The biscuits were invented in 1829 by the Arnhem-based baker Hagdorn. Nowadays the genuine Arnhemse Meisjes are only made at the Van Asselt bakery in Arnhem.


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