Welcome to the beautiful nature reserves of the Arnhem region! With a variety of stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems, this area offers a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Cycle through the Veluwezoom, take a stroll in the Stadsblokken-Meinerswijk river park, or enjoy a walk in Sonsbeek Park. And have you ever tried birdwatching in Lingezegen Park? There is still so much to discover!

National Park Veluwezoom

The oldest National Park in the Netherlands invites you to enjoy long bike rides, hikes, and horseback rides. Nowhere else in Arnhem region will you find so many hills - offering impressive views. The highest point is the Imbosch. From here, you can see Arnhem and the beautiful IJsseltal. The further you venture into the area, the fewer people you will see, and the greater the chance of encountering a special animal, such as a deer, stag, or wild boar. You are sure to see Scottish Highlanders either way.

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National Landscape The Gelderse Poort

Water, wind and animals have free play in the partly German, partly Dutch nature reserve of Gelderse Poort. Over the years, that has helped to create a rugged river landscape with dunes, grassy plains and ponds. This is a place to go off the beaten tracks. Pull on your boots and go into the water meadows. Beavers, badgers and ospreys have preceded you, as will some 150,000 geese in the winter. Close to the place where the Waal and Rhine rivers split is Rijnstrangen, a vast river swamp which is home to rare birds, fish and plants.

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