Culture & heritage

The history of Arnhem is exhibited in many ways: monumental buildings, archaeological sites, and significant events such as the Battle of Arnhem. 

City walk arnhem

Welcome to Arnhem, the capital of the province of Gelderland! Arnhem has a rich and eventful history of more than eleven centuries, traces of which can still be found today. With this city walk you will gain new impressions and get to know Arnhem better.

This 4 km long city walk takes you along the impressive historical buildings and places that Arnhem is rich in. Download the walking route and discover Arnhem Centrum on foot!

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Would you like to learn more about Operation Market Garden? Take part in one of the four specially developed walking routes in the Airborne Region. While walking you will discover the (local) stories behind Operation Market Garden. Try the four paths in Driel, Oosterbeek, Ede and Arnhem and walk past monuments and places of interest related to this operation. Remember the victims and reflect on freedom. Want to know more? Then continue reading and discover the story behind the Airborne Region.

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Sosabowski in Valburg met Maj Pascale Airborne Slag om Arnhem John Frostbrug

Hanseatic town Doesburg

Those who already know Doesburg will fully agree: you can't get enough of it! Here it is bursting with monuments. The Hanseatic city has more than 150 monuments and numerous museums, you will be short of eyes. A walking tour is of course a must. As is a visit to the Lalique Museum or De Waag, the oldest restaurant in the Netherlands.

Those with good mobility should definitely climb the Martini Church. You will be rewarded with a fabulous view!