Airborne City Tour Arnhem

Type: Hiking route
Distance: 6.7 km

Airborne City Tour Arnhem

Type: Hiking route
Distance: 6.7 km

This walk takes you through the centre of Arnhem and makes the Battle of Arnhem (September 1944) come alive through 25 'listening spots'.

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It is September 1944. Arnhem has been occupied by Nazi Germany for four years. The Allied advance has begun, but the front is far away in France. The raging war seems to pass Arnhem by.

War in Arnhem

Then Operation Market Garden is launched. The greatest airborne landing operation the world has ever seen. Allied airborne troops try to capture the bridges across the major rivers in one fell swoop. Including the bridges at Arnhem. All of a sudden, the city becomes a grim front-line area. Fierce battles are fought from house to house. After the fighting, almost 100,000 people leave their houses in a great hurry. Operation Market Garden comes to a standstill, and Arnhem is left behind as a ghost town.

Audio story in the Airborne Stories app

Do you want to know what it was like? Download the free Airborne Stories app via the App Store or Google Play Store and experience the whole story. Put earplugs into your ears and walk with us through Arnhem. At 25 listening spots in the city you will hear what happened exactly at that location. In a series of audio stories, the city of Arnhem in the year 1944 comes alive and you are immersed in the Battle of Arnhem. You cannot come any closer than this!

Choose what you want to hear

You can choose various scenarios or perspectives in the app. Do you want to know what the war situation was like for the inhabitants of the city? Do you want to hear what it was like for a child? Or do you go for the military story? You can opt for one scenario or listen to all audio stories at the same time! 

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about Arnhem's war history? Learn more about the Battle of Arnhem and Operation Market Garden. Would you like to discover more hiking routes about Operation Market Garden? You can find them on the Airborne hiking route theme page.

6.7 km

Sights on this route

Starting point: Jansbinnensingel 19
6811 Arnhem


Listen: Pastoorstraat

Before the Second World War, Arnhem was home to a large Jewish community. Following the German invasion in 1940, the suffering for this section of the population began in Arnhem too. It started with...Read more

Listen: Pastoorstraat


Listen: bakkerstraat

On this spot, there used to be an office for the Van Gend en Loos parcel service. Inside that office, five civilian inhabitants of Arnhem were lined up against this wall and shot dead by German soldiers....Read more

Listen: bakkerstraat


Listen: gele rijdersplein

In the summer of 1944, Arnhem was a city under occupation. Even after the Germans entered the city in 1940, its population of approximately 90,000 residents had still experienced very little of the...Read more

Listen: gele rijdersplein


Listen: Stationsplein

You do have to watch out for the traffic a little bit, but even so, it is safe enough to walk around here now. However, that was not the case in the winter of 1944. At that time, signs had been erected...Read more

Listen: Stationsplein



End point: Rijnkade 142
6811 HD Arnhem