By car

Paid parking applies throughout the city centre of Arnhem. From the (high)speed roads, you will automatically arrive at the city centre ring via various routes. This ring encircles the city centre in one direction. All parking garages and parking lots are situated on this city centre ring. The parking garages and the number of parking spaces available are listed on the signs on the city centre ring. From all parking garages and parking lots, it only takes a few minutes to walk to the shops in the city centre. View an overview of the parking garagesNote: there is a strict environmental zone in the centre of Arnhem. Diesel cars that were registered before January 1st, 2005 may receive a fine. 

Do you want to avoid the A12 highway? Check the traffic forecast one day, week or month ahead and adjust your trip as necessary.

Transferium Gelredome is a free parking lot for 645 cars. Drivers who park at the Gelredome P+R site can take the regular bus to the city centre.

Public transportation

Arnhem has four train stations: Centraal, Velperpoort, Presikhaaf and Arnhem-Zuid. These stations can be reached by local trains from Ede-Wageningen, Zutphen, Nijmegen, Tiel and Winterswijk. Furthermore, Arnhem Centraal is accessible via intercity trains from Amsterdam (Schiphol), The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Ede-Wageningen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Nijmegen, Zwolle, and Cologne (HSL). For current schedules, check one of the travel planners such as or

The Arnhem Central Station is located within walking distance (5 minutes) from the city centre. This is also the central bus station for city and regional buses. Arnhem is the only city in the Netherlands with a trolleybus, which takes you, among other things, to the city centre. In addition to the Central Station, many buses also stop at the Rijnstraat, Willemsplein, and Velperplein. All three of these stops are located near the city centre.

Electric shared transport

It is possible to rent an (electric) shared bike at Arnhem Centraal station or book a (electric) car when you need it via MyWheels