On the water

The largest rivers in the Netherlands – the Rhine, Pannerdensch Canal and the IJssel – flow through De Liemers. With over 400 hectares of water, the vast Rhederlaag recreational area at Lathum is ideal for a lovely relaxing day or outdoor holiday. The Bijland at Tolkamer is a 250-hectare lake near where the Rhine, Waal and IJssel rivers split; it opens out into the Rhine and has a speedboat lane. Both recreational areas have lovely beaches, a marina and friendly campsites. Take a breather on the Europakade quayside in Tolkamer and enjoy the spectacular views of the River Rhine.

The Linge river

The Linge is the longest river in The Netherlands and, according to some people, also the prettiest. Its fans also say that the meandering Linge has something special to offer all year round: cloaked in ethereal wisps of mist in the autumn and winter, displaying an abundance of colourful flowers on its banks in the spring, and bringing so many people joy in the summer. The Linge is an unbeatable backdrop for cycling, walking, canoeing and stand-up paddling. How could you resist its charm?

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Water in Arnhem

With the Rhine flowing through the city and the IJssel nearby, water is never far away in and around Arnhem. Enjoy a drink on the cozy Rijnkade terrace or have a picnic by the Sint-Jansbeek stream. Speaking of water, in the Sonsbeekpark you can find the Dutch Water Museum. This interactive museum offers a comprehensive exploration of all aspects of water, including topics like dike management, drinking water, groundwater, and water usage in the Netherlands and beyond.

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