Battle of Arnhem

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Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein'

In Villa Hartenstein, the former headquarters of the Allied forces in Oosterbeek, you can experience the battle of Arnhem for yourself. The Airborne Museum housed in the villa takes you through the nine-day Battle of Arnhem step by step. The Airborne Experience, in the museum’s basement, will leave a lasting impression on you as you see the planes and jeeps in the darkness of the battlefield, walk among the troops and hear the sound of gunfire. Much of the footage used is authentic, captured during the war itself. By the time you leave, you will realise just how hard people fought to secure the ground beneath your feet. The centre of Arnhem is home to ‘Airborne at the Bridge’. This affiliate of the Airborne Museum offers a spectacular view of the world-famous John Frost bridge and recounts the personal stories of three individuals who fought and died at the bridge during the Battle of Arnhem.

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Liberation Route Europe lets you hear and experience what went on in Gelderland during the final stages of the war. Special boulders, called listening spots, can be found in dozens of locations. An audio recording is available at each listening spot, so that everyone can get a sense of the dramatic situations experienced by civilians and soldiers towards the end of the Second World War. For detailed information about all the listening spots, go to: >

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Bridge to Liberation

20 september 2019

It is the biggest commemorative event in the Netherlands. In a 360 degree experience of music, visual effects, drama, film and dance. True personal stories from The Battle for Arnhem are shared. Exciting, intense and often moving stories that are so “in the now.” We stand together with thousands of people, a diverse audience, where we experience the impact of war and value of our freedom. Then and now. Bridge to Liberation is an experience for everyone!

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