Great for Kids

Playing and inventing - Let the Arnhem region surprise you

There are plenty of amenities for children in Arnhem and the surrounding area. Museums and amenities often offer special hands-on activities. Our tips? In the Netherlands Open Air Museum, children can play old Dutch games. Or let them follow in the footsteps of knights in one of the castles in the Veluwezoom National Park. Children can bake bricks in an old brickyard at the Buitengoed de Panoven country house.

At Burgers’ Zoo you’ll come face to face with Gila monsters, sharks and gorillas. But children can also have fun in the playgrounds at Burgers’ Zoo and at many other places in the region! At the Interactive Discovery Centre De Spelerij – Uitvinderij children can run and climb, but also have plenty of hands-on fun and make constructions from wood, metal, Plexiglass or polystyrene. You’re surely not worried about a bit of mud? Children can build huts, balance on bridges, climb, scramble, forage and splash to their hearts’ content in the natural playgrounds in the woods. After all these discoveries, the children (and you) have definitely earned a treat, so why not order a delicious pancake covered in a thick layer of syrup. Enjoy!

Burger's Zoo

Be bold and venture a world tour in Burgers’ Zoo! The zoo where you are one with nature. Are you ready for an adventurous expedition? After all, you will travel through the most diverse natural habitats in the world! Not only will you travel through the tropical rainforest, the rocky deserts of Arizona and the savannah of East Africa, but you will also experience the tropical coral reef and the Southeast-Asian jungle.

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Burgers' Zoo, Mangrove, dierentuin Tijgertweeling - Burgers' Zoo

De Spelerij – Uitvinderij

De Spelerij – Uitvinderij is the most unique and wonderful play and discover area in the Netherlands! A clearing in the woods is home to imaginative play equipment designed by a visual artist and made from recycled materials. They contain unique mechanisms you can activate yourself, for example the ball machine, which you can activate by cycling, tearing and turning. In De Uitvinderij’s workshop you can work with the fretsaw, polystyrene foam and paint machines, among other things. Children over the age of ten are allowed to give metalworking and spot welding a try at the metal department.

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Spelerij Uitvinderij


Experience history in the Dutch Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openlucht Museum). Special encounters, smells, images and stories evoke unforgettable memories of everyday life as it used to be. 
The historic houses and farms in the rural museum park are vibrant places. Friendly 'occupants' talk about their work and lives with enthusiasm and there is plenty to do for all age groups. 

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Zaanse Buurt Openluchtmuseum