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Nederlands Openluchtmuseum
Hoeferlaan 4
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Experience history in the Netherlands Open Air Museum (Nederlands Openlucht Museum). Special encounters, smells, images and stories evoke unforgettable memories of everyday life as it used to be.
The historic houses and farms in the rural museum park are vibrant places. Friendly 'occupants' talk about their work and lives with enthusiasm and there is plenty to do for all age groups.
A visit to the Open Air Museum is the best day out for the whole family.

Opening hours in 2020
Summer: 28 March until 25 October 2020 open daily 10am – 5pm.
Winter: For opening hours between 3th December 2020 – 15th January 2021 please visit their website.

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Note: this location has a maximum number of visitors and reservations are required. As a result, it is always quiet to pleasantly busy. Check the website of the location for more information.
For more information: Drukteradar

Opening times

  • Daily from 10:00 to 17:00
  • Note: opening times may be different during public holidays



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