A Walker's Paradise

Hike through the lush landscape - The Arnhem region is green!

Why hurry? As soon as you start walking around Arnhem and the surrounding area, you get a sense of calm engendered by the beauty of the dikes and endless riverbeds. Cross over on a little ferry and enjoy the gentle journey. The natural river valley, Renkums Beekdal, lies on the western side of the Veluwezoom National Park. A unique spot: industry had to make way for natural development on a grand scale. The result is a magnificent natural river valley (beekdal in Dutch) with differences in height, brooks and wetlands.

The Veluwezoom National Park has so many outstanding country estates and castles that you can spend days walking in the footsteps of the nobility. Choose a route – or plan a long weekend and choose a selection of routes. Long avenues, idyllic waterfalls, deep basins and unique panorama views from the hills ensure than no walks are the same. And there are plenty of outdoor cafés and stopping places along the way to rest and catch your breath.

Roaming routes full of adventure

Walking is fun, but roaming is more exciting! Stroll along winding cattle paths, often right next to the river, clamber over dikes and tree trunks and encounter Galloway cattle and Konik horses.
There are numerous marked roaming routes along the banks of the Waal, Meuse and IJssel rivers. The routes range from 4 to around 10 kilometres and are clearly signposted. Please note: walk at your own risk, do not feed or disturb the animals, and dogs must be kept on a lead.

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Get your clogs on

Walking through fields, country estates, along streams and across farms Klompenpaden (‘clog paths’) are cultural/historical rights of way across private property such as country estates and farmland. Clog paths follow historical, off-road routes as much as possible. A klompenpad walk is varied and can sometimes even be a little ‘adventurous’, requiring you to climb over stiles, cross wobbly bridges or walk through a field of cows.
Please note: No dogs allowed in order to avoid worrying the wild animals. Furthermore, the narrow unpaved paths are unsuitable for pushchairs and wheelchairs.


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