Gateway to the Veluwe - Arnhem region: green, greener, greenest

Arnhem was known as the Green City on the Rhine and Park City as far back as the 17th century, thanks to its parks in all shapes and sizes – 23 in total. Sonsbeek Park is the star: 67 hectares of ancient beech woods and lawns, with ponds, waterfalls, the lovely Steile Tuin (Steep Garden) and magnificent view from the Belvédère tower. And the Veluwe region is right on Arnhem’s doorstep.

The Veluwezoom is the Netherlands’ oldest national park and it is still breathtakingly beautiful. De Posbank is at the centre of the park, where you have a spectacular view of Icelandic ponies, Highland cattle and Rheden sheep grazing on the heathland of Herikhuizerveld.

National Park Veluwezoom

Veluwezoom is characterised by forests, heaths, drifting sands, country estates and a rich variety of natural beauty. Visit the most scenic part of the Netherlands for a lovely day in nature!

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Nationaal Park Veluwezoom - Posbank - Boom - Heide Nationaal Park Veluwezoom - heide - wandelaars - natuur

De Hoge Veluwe National Park

De Hoge Veluwe National Park is unique in the world due to its combination of natural beauty and art. The landscape is continuously changing; as you explore the Park, you pass through varied woodland, over heaths and grasslands, and through foreign-looking sand drift dunes. The 5,400-hectare Park is the ideal place to find peace and tranquillity while admiring the unique scenery and spotting wild animals. If you’re lucky you might even catch a glimpse of the ‘big four’: stag, wild boar, mouflon and roe deer. In the Visitors’ Centre at the heart of the Park you can learn much more about the Park’s wildlife, and the underground museum called Museonder lets you take a peek beneath the surface – quite literally.

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Nationaal Park Veluwezoom - Natuur - herten - heide

The Gelderse Poort, National Landscape

Water, wind and animals have free play in the partly German, partly Dutch nature reserve of Gelderse Poort. Over the years, that has helped to create a rugged river landscape with dunes, grassy plains and ponds. This is a place to go off the beaten tracks. Pull on your boots and go into the water meadows. Beavers, badgers and ospreys have preceded you, as will some 150,000 geese in the winter. Close to the place where the Waal and Rhine rivers split is Rijnstrangen, a vast river swamp which is home to rare birds, fish and plants.

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Gelderse Poort, Paard