The attempt of the Dorsets – doomed to fail

 In the night of 24 to 25 September 1944, a last attempt was made to reinforce the British troops in Oosterbeek by the Poles and the troops of The Dorsetshire Regiment. The Poles did not come into action, as the intended boats were not there. The Dorsets tried to cross the river at the opposite side of the Westerbouwing, which was located on high grounds. During a meeting with British officers in Valburg, Sosabowski had advised against crossing at this location because the German troops occupied this hill. The attempt to cross the river failed and Sosabowski’s objections to the chosen location, proved to be right.   

Major General Sosabowski with, on the left, Major Desmond Pascale of The Dorsetshire Regiment in Valburg. Sosabowski's alternative to the Rhine crossing was turned down..