Fighting around the Dorpstraat on the southern side of Driel

At the other end of Dorpstraat, some 800 meters to the south, the Polish soldiers had laid anti-tank mines at the T-junction on the Dorpstraat and the Honingveldsestraat. These positions around the Honingveldsestraat were attacked by German troops on September the 23rd. The Polish soldiers retreated to the Dorpstraat. While doing so, a radio operator got his antenna caught in the bushes and fell behind. Henk te Dorsthorst, inhabitant of Driel at the time, helped him to break free. 

The Polish soldier Bier found his first resting place in a field grave on the Dorpstraat. He is possibly the radio operator who was helped by Henk te Dorsthorst, a resident of Driel at the time.