De Rijnstrangen | Camping & Landelijke appartementen


Beuningsestraat 4
6913 KH Aerdt
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The Rijnstrangen Camping & Rural Apartments is located in the heart of the nature reserve “De Gelderse Poort”. Enjoyment comes naturally here; of peace, water & space. Your place to discover, walk and cycle in the unique protected natural areas.

This has traditionally been “The Isle of Gelderen”, the land of water and wind. Here the Rhine flows into our country at Spijk. The river has determined the appearance of the area. The oxbows are old river arms where the Rhine and Waal once flowed. Now this area is home to a fauna and flora of unparalleled beauty.

An extensive network of cycling and walking routes takes you through floodplains and winding, idyllic dikes through the characteristic landscape of the river.

Our door is open for you! Explore the calm rhythm & relaxed atmosphere of this island. There's absurdly beautiful nature in the Netherlands!