Korenmarkt (Arnhem)


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Korenmarkt, home to all kinds of catering establishments, has been thé entertainment centre in Arnhem for years. The surrounding granaries are a reminder of the original activity of this market, the corn trade which was discontinued in 1914. These days ′De Korenbeurs′ in the heart of the square houses the Arnhemse Filmhuis. Another unique building, once the classicistic church (1737) of the Lutheran parish, is situated on the corner of Korenmarkt and Luthersesteeg. A relieved swan above the entrance is the Lutherans’ symbol. In 1898 this parish built a new church in Spoorwegstraat in Arnhem, leaving this building vacant. Until 1951 it was used as a warehouse, but then, like almost all buildings in Korenmarkt, it became a catering establishment.
For a short time now visitors to the Arnhem entertainment square have been able to go online by laptop or smartphone for free.