On your Bike

Out in the fresh air

One of the best things about cycling in the Other Holland is the sheer diversity. After cycling through woodlands and over moraines, you can suddenly encounter wide, open views across marshes and heathland or find yourself on a riverside dike. A perfect way to enjoy nature in all its glory.


From one intersection to the next

The network of cycle routes is a system of individual cycle routes that are interconnected by numbered intersections (usually at the crossroads of cycle paths). You can use a map of the cycle route network to plan your own route from one intersection to the next.
The network of cycle routes in the Veluwe region was upgraded in early 2017. This has created lots of new routes and intersections, opening up even more opportunities for you to enjoy the Veluwe to the full! Double-check that you’re using the most recent map (from 2017) because, in addition to the creation of new routes, some of the existing routes and intersections have been changed. You can purchase maps of the network of intersections at Tourist Information offices (VVV) or from reception at your accommodation.

5,000 km of cycle paths

We absolutely love cycling in the Netherlands, and the country is renowned for its safe and well-maintained network of cycle paths. There are 35,000 km of cycle paths nationwide, 5,000 km of which are in the province of Gelderland. So you have plenty of choice!
In fact, Gelderland has received a five-star rating in the Quality Monitor 2017, making it the Netherlands’ best province for cycling. The splendid countryside, the good network of intersections and the quality of the cycle paths were the deciding factors, so there’s no doubt that the cycling conditions are excellent here!